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You can create your own t-shirt and souvenirs’ store/shop easily, quickly and free of charge.

For this you don’t need to be a professional designer or an IT specialist. It can be manageable by any person, who loves art and possesses little gift for creativity.

Any person has a potential for being creative and we offer you an opportunity to transfer your creativity into a profitable business. For this purpose you only need to register on our web-page and our company will take care of the rest. will provide its successful partners with exclusive offers to widen/develop their business and knowledge. 

The least pleasant part of any business is handling the routines of official procedures, which as a matter of fact becomes a daily obligation for every functioning company. Therefore, we can offer taking care after those issues ourselves, prevent our partners from having such a fuss/daily burdens and offer them an opportunity to focus only on their creative ideas.    

We carry out and handle juridical (legal), financial (tax, tax department) and technical matters and ensure the successful performance/provision of your business. We pay all the charges and provide you with an opportunity to spend all your time and efforts on generating/creating/developing your ideas/fantasies. is simply your reliable partner

Preparation/Procurement produces its products according to requests, after placing the order and transferring the payment for printing is ready to prepare/handle any type/quantity of order, which you can subsequently place/advertise/sell through your online-store. (If you wish, we can also assist you to open an ordinary shop along with your online store/shop and help with putting it into operation). There is no difficulty with the variety/diversity. Even in a very limited time-frame we can prepare/produce any requested product/items.

Be aware that you can launch your own business for free of charge!

The product is produced by using an online constructer/designer.  


Send us products created by your own design or just a photo of it.

The best piece of work will be awarded at the end of each month

The photo of an author (if wished) along with the created product will be placed on one of the main pages of our webpage.

Tens and thousands of people will learn about you and your talent through our webpage, which will also grant you one more opportunity to obtain more publicity/popularity. is your best friend. will systematically offer you motivating/encouraging programs, contests, galleries.

Create unique/exclusive (extraordinary) t-shirt, mug, cap which can be printed through the constructor/designer.  

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