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We offer you the prices for main materials given in the constructor/designer (along with thermally printed photos and graphic images)

Main materials/products                Prices

Man T-shirt                           20 Gel-40 Gel

Woman T-shirt 20 Gel-40 Gel

Kid T-shirt 15 Gel-30 Gel

Sport T-shirt, underwear 25 Gel-50 Gel

1.      Pillow 10 Gel-30 Gel

2.      Underwear 15 Gel-25 Gel

3.      Handkerchief 05 Gel-10 Gel

Badge/pin/brooch 03 Gel-05 Gel

Cap 10 Gel-20 Gel

Bag/back-pack 12 Gel-35 Gel

Bracelet 05 Gel-10 Gel

Belt 15 Gel-25 Gel

Tiles/dale 15 Gel-35 Gel

Tie/scarf 06 Gel-15 Gel

Ribbon (1 meter) 02 Gel-03 Gel

Brand/ Famous mark/sign 0.4 Gel-0.5 Gel

Logo 02 Gel-08 Gel

Photo/painting/drawing 15 Gel-100 Gel

Doll clothes 20 Gel-40 Gel

Cat-dog clothing 35 Gel-50 Gel

You can see the precise prices in the constructor/designer when you put distinct/accurate size of design on specific, main materials/products

Prices vary according to the design of main materials, copied/ images, photos, size and quantity of graphic features 


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