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L.T.D. Superlines successfully conducts/carries out production and realization of products on the Georgian market.

Company’s main priority/advantage is that it invents, produces/creates and cooperates itself with various gifted person (partners), it facilitates the citizens of Georgia to demonstrate their creative potential/talent and grants them the opportunity to obtain deserved financial reward/ prize.

L.T.D. Superlines is a reliable company

It cooperates with the following companies: Bank of Georgia, Basis Bank, TaoPrivate Bank, Procredit Bank, Beeline, Security Companies: Delta Service, Business Security; Mobi, Bata, Casinos: Imperial, Europa, Berikoni and various others.

L.T.D. Superlines carries out its activity through online store helps the designers to realize/spread their ideas and products. compensates the cost of design projects created/invented by authors. Those products should be invented by using the following products: Corel and Photoshop. creates weekly rating/charts of best design projects. Rating on the design is estimated by number of sales. The best ones are rewarded. offers you wide range/assortment of products! Also new technologies of printing on textile/fabric and souvenirs. can produce/create shirts, caps, bags, badges/brooch/ornament and various other things and clothing.

The material used for printing is certified and highly approved, which also represents the good proof that clothes, accessorizes and other products produced by us are of a high quality.

Thermo-transfer films- is a special material used for printing various types of writings and graphic features/images.

Thermo-paper-is a special paper used for printing colored features/images on light/dark fabric/textile, on solid materials, on real or artificial leather, is also used for printing temporary tattoos.

Contact Information

   ltd. superlines
     tel: +(99532)95-10-72 
     e-mail: /
   address: pas
teur  str. 3

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